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31 March

3/27/2018 2:13:59 PM

There is not enough teams for the 1 day tourney. Enjoy your Easter weekend. We are back at it the 7th and 8th of April. See you tonight!


3/20/2018 8:50:53 AM

Thanks to all that have either paid in full or have made a payment. Payments are due Thursday for those that still owe for the uniforms.

31 March

3/14/2018 9:19:21 AM

31 March Tournament Scheduled

Trying that again

3/8/2018 12:35:27 PM

Hope this one shows the attachment.

Tournament Schedule

3/8/2018 12:03:06 PM

Attached is the proposed Tournament Schedule. I am waiting to see when the RED LION tournament is in April and may switch one of these out.

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