Run N Gun Girls Travel Basketball, established in 2012, was formed for the sole purpose of increasing the level of play for our Eastern Panhandle female basketball players. Our teams practice 2-3 times per week with practices consisting of conditioning, skill sets, recognizing offenses and defenses, and grasping the overall concept of what it takes to play travel basketball. We also strive to teach the young ladies life lessons along the way. In addition the players will participate in cross fit training once a week.

Our Run N Gun teams play a full tournament schedule consisting of tournaments every weekend from the end of March to the end of June. Our players understand that they are not on a team but are participating in a program.

We currently have players from every Middle School in Berkeley County and most Intermediate Schools for the younger teams. Combining all these fine young ladies together in our program has taught them a lot about playing with others but also that there is no room for individual selfish play in travel basketball. They fully understand that we win, lose, and play as a team which is a very important life lesson.

Our mission is to give our players the tools necessary to play basketball at a higher level. Some will and some won’t. But in the end our coaches firmly believe that by participating in our youth basketball program these fine young ladies will become a productive part of our community in their later lives by living by the morals and lessons learned playing Run N Gun Travel Basketball.